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netbug009 ([personal profile] netbug009) wrote2012-12-07 10:18 pm
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[Nakama TCG] Cutie Mark Crusaders Image Donors, yay!

Netbug's Image Post!
This is where I share character image sets that I don't have room to donate. If there's a character here you'd like to see at Nakama TCG, grab it and earn yourself some donor rewards!

Really Stupid/Simple Rules

- No credit/currency of any kind is required to use these. I'm just happy to see more characters I love enter the game. ^^
- Please only claim images the same month you're gonna donate them. I will clear out claims after a new deck release. Hoarding donations for the future ruins the point. :/
- To claim an image set, simply reply to the comment for that set! That way multiple people don't try and donate the same thing. XD;
- I include deck name suggestions and stuff when I have them, but you're welcome to use your own too!

Have at it! I hope you find this useful! :D


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