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Colorx 2014 Candy Log

 please let me have got everything


- Candy from Aru: murasakicandy 

- Candy from Mori: aoicandy 

- Candy from Amarillo: koucandy 
- Hi-5 Radio! 9: tigerstriped19, remaining15, hoteldusk10, dwn-01615, tobicandy, koucandy, megadrive01 
- Candy from cautiousarden: murasakicandy 

- Scrapbook 107: dream03, do-it-all01, competitive02, murasakicandy 
- GUESS THE COLOR 193: aptx486912, millenium17, deadly17, koucandy, ginsenseicandy 
- Candy from Nea: koucandy 
- Lucky Draw 05: futuring04, heal12, exalt14, jiangshi11, specialduty14, lovefreak01, futuresight08, gincandy, koucandy, crayon8 

- Directions 96: alternate07, fullmoon17, aoicandy, whaleshark04 
- Help Miss Kamila - 51: rookie14, escape03, ginsenseicandy, koucandy, midorincandy 

- Hi-5 Radio! 10: yoyoi01, petulant06, akaicandy, aoicandy 
- GUESS THE COLOR 194: aoicandy, mikancandy, maou12, cureheart18, haughty04 

- Combo Breaker 58: tobicandy, akaicandy

- Host Club 99: providence07, pawpad17, appearance20, aoicandy 
- Combo Breaker 57: aoicandy, ginsenseicandy 

- Received Orange Candy from Cassidy 
- Received Blue Candy from aurorawing 
- Received Brown Candy from Lee 
- Kazuya's C-C-COMBO BREAKER! 56: mikancandy 

- Received Candy from Nikita, Archer, ReneeTwist, Pie: mikancandy, ginsenseicandy, koucandy, midorincandy 
- Received candy from AL, Chi, Katie, Kazu, Marge, Moon, Ralene, Sammich, Tonko:murasakicandy, aoicandy, aoicandy, aoicandy, mikancandy, ginsenseicandy, ginsenseicandy, midorincandy, aoicandy 
- Combo Breaker 55: midorincandy 

- Host Club Giveaway - Round 98: guchu13, soccer13, warrior20, mikancandy 

- CONAN'S CLUES 217: drifter11, lines02, melnics16, norway09, professor05, tsuruko05, ginsenseicandy, koucandy 

- Received Brown Candy from Dove 
- Received Brown Candy from Harukami 
- Received Brown Candy from Chuu 
- Received Red Candy from Anrui 
- Received Yellow Candy from Sanna 
- Received Gray Candy from Raven 
- Received Yellow Candy from Lita 
- Received Red Candy from Jun 
- Received Brown Candy from Aave 
- Received gray candy from Lihanortti 
- Received orange candy from Melissa 
- Received gray candy from Ten 

- Help Kamila 49 and 50: kazamidori03, magickey05, historian15, sequencer03, green candy, red candy, purple candy 
- Lucky Draw 04: clutch12, indecisive20, ipc13, quiet18, purple candy 
- Art lessons with Rukia 204: kirinfang07, medic07, red candy, green candy 
- Directions 94 and 95: fairy10, broom13, violin20, gray candy 
- Guess the Color 192: spitfire19, tips09, pilebunker08, orange candy 

- Pick a color 101: gray candy 
- Graffiti 86: udonge20, strip07, colossi02, shingetsu19, orange candy, blue candy, purple candy 
- Hi-5 Radio 8: calligraphy20, dwn-01406, jumbo05, duality03, menma11, orange candy 
- Delete Shiratori with Kumagawa 50: glory02, tophat18, hymn05, odd05, red candy 

- Art Lessons with Rukia 203: mikorincandy, murasakicandy, poffins13, labyrinthia11 

- Trick or Treat: red candy from Ember 
- Hi-5 Radio! 7: azuresky13, warlord01 
- Trick or Treat: yellow candy from Moe 
- Trick or Treat: purple candy from Noxie 
- Trick or Treat: orange candy from Mad 
- Trick or Treat: red candy from Kiri 

-Received Candy from: AL, Chi, Katie, Kazu, Marge, Moon, Ralene, Sammich, Tonko, Kiri, Mad, Noxie, Moe, Ember, Pam, Jen, Nat, Adelicya, Lila, Char, Dove, Harukami, Chuu, Anrui, Sanna, Raven, Lita, Jun, Aave, Lihanttori, Melissa, Nikita, Archer, ReneeTwist, Pie

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